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Through Alliott Global Alliance ABBANTIA LAW FIRM is present in Europe, Middle East and Africa, covering from Sweden in the North down to Cape Town in the South, offering professional services in main cities such as London, Dubai, Paris, Moscow, Milan, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Brussels, but also in cities belonging to emerging areas that are attracting international investors, such as Istanbul, Johannesburg,
Bucharest and Casablanca.

ABBANTIA LAW FIRM is a law and tax advisory firm created in 2004, with offices in Seville, Madrid, Bilbao and Vigo. It operates nationally but also has a distinctive international vocation and offers counselling to individuals and companies in a wide range of practice areas.

The international vocation of its members and the fact that it belongs to different international networks, such as Alliott Global Alliance, allows Abbantia to offer counselling in English, French, Italian, German, Swedish and Portuguese. The team includes a Swedish lawyer based in Seville and Spanish lawyers in Germany who represent its German Desk.

2023 CEE/SEE Regional Meeting Bucharest, Romania

Alliott Global Alliance is composed of lawyers and independent auditors from all over the world, for a total of 219 professionals in 96 countries, being present in 253 cities in the 6 continents.

The active participation of the members of ABBANTIA LAW FIRM in the yearly meetings and conventions organized by ALLIOTT GLOBAL ALLIANCE enables its professionals to be always up-to-date with the newest legislations regarding business relations in the different countries, international tax regulations and global solutions as a key resource for company development.

Well aware of the new challenges, ABBANTIA has created a Global Mobility Desk to offer assistance in the international mobility procedures of our clients.

The ABBANTIA LAW FIRM team of professionals is used to working with international clients and has taken part in a wide variety of cases, from criminal matters to investment operations in our country.

This familiarity with international clients and its territorial distribution, with offices in the Northern, Central and South of the Iberian peninsula, together with agreements with local firms in Barcelona and Portugal, allow the firm the offer first class legal services to clients throughout Spain.

The philosophy and vocational service of ABBANTIA LAW FIRM allows us to satisfy most of our clients’ legal needs, covering the main areas of Law and giving logistic support for the establishment of multinational companies in our country.

Clients in Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Holland, USA, Belgium, United Kingdom and Argentina place their trust in ABBANTIA LAW FIRM for the management of bookkeeping and payroll, and legal counselling of their subsidiaries and permanent establishments in Spain.

At present we are promoting other areas, such as corporate insolvencies, Global Mobility Desk, Personal Data Protection and the counselling services for companies to implement an Equality Plan, having expanded our team with lawyers specialised in Human Resources and company management with a broad business vision.


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The ABBANTIA LAW FIRM team of professionals is used to working with international clients and has taken part in a wide variety of cases Please contact us!


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