German Desk

We advise and attend to the needs of our German clients in Spain, as well as those of our Spanish clients in Germany. Our team consists of professionals trained in both Spain and Germany who are fluent in both languages.

In the same way in which Spain for the last couple of decades has been a very attractive market for German companies, and at the same time a fantastic holiday destination or second residence for a large proportion of the German population, Germany has, over the last few years, converted itself in one of the principal destinations in the process of internationalization for many Spanish companies.

Based of the knowledge of this reality and in order to offer our clients a global consultation service, the ABBANTIA el GERMAN DESK. was established. The objective of this new department is to offer advice and to provide a service not only for German clients in Spain, but also for Spanish clients in Germany. Our team at the GERMAN DESK is formed by professionals who have been trained in Spain and in Germany and who are fluent in both Spanish and in German. Our lawyers boast extensive experience, not only in international lawsuits and operations, but also in the German legal system and in the business processes in this country.



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